The Spazzer

I'm a sucker for things that are either too cheesy, too thrilling, or too hard to not be loved.

I'm an avid k-drama watcher. I like listening to musics, and my favorite group is BIGBANG. I write things a lil bit repetitively, about k-dramas & things I fell in love with. I'm not that active. Certainly not a bookworm, but my heart beats faster whenever my thoughts revolve around bookish things. I love reading things that open up my mind about issue/matter that are considered common yet so deep. 

My favorite writer are Ika Natassa & Winna Effendi. My only bias is none other than BIGBANG's leader, G-Dragon. My favorite things always lie between these; kdramas, books, and musics. And I'm definitely glad to have all of these as reasons to keep living on.

Thanks for visiting, sweethearts!<3

Twitter: @kmlassgf
Instagram: kmlassgf ; qooaintrelle
Mydramalist: here!
Personal blog : qooaintrelle

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